Why Your 20's Are Over-Rated...

Yes. I said it. Over-rated.

No one can deny the advantages of the youth of the 20s. The carefree nature of the 20s. The exploration of the 20s. But I am here for my 30s. Fully.

I have stated several times that I do not want to go back to my 20s. I stand by that comment for one reason mostly; I was so unsure of so much and I allowed others to guide what my next step would be. Now, I can’t say that I “have it all together” or I know exactly what I want now that I am into my 30s, but I have a clearer picture of who I am (and who I am not), what I will (and won’t) stand for, and perhaps most importantly, what I don’t want out of life.

Maybe you think I am talking myself out of a spiral or out of feeling down about my age, but that’s not the case. I am simply good with where I am. The Creator knew that I would be here at this moment, and in that I am learning to find rest. I am learning to enjoy the journey and to be present in the moment. Learning to own who I am; my strengths, and my opportunities for growth. Learning to celebrate and to stop and smell the roses.

Two years ago, yesterday (May 8), I received my Masters of Education in Leadership and Organizational Performance, and I can honesty say that this was my proudest moment thus far. You may be wondering why I chose to share these pictures, but I felt like they best personified this leg of my journey. When "it's" happening it may not feel the best, look the best, and you may have no clue what is really going on. But when you look back on the memories, you've got great stories, lessons, and you have gained rich experiences and wisdom. And then you realize that it wasn't that bad after all.

In reality, this post isn't about the 20s, 30s, 40s, or any other age bracket that you find yourself in. Simply a bit of encouragement to be grateful for and to embrace where you are. You cannot achieve true growth until you can be honest about yourself and assess your current state. So, cheers to another 33 years of life, of journeying, or making mistakes, and of growth. Thanks to everyone that has helped to shape the individual that you see today. And thanks for the well wishes, family.


P.S. No person in their 20s was harmed in the writing of this post.