The Nashville Menswear Brunch

I recently had the distinct honor of hosting some of Nashville's Menswear visionaries for brunch. I love opportunities to bring people together like this. I truly believe that humans thrive when we can identify with and join a group of likeminded individuals. I have loved making connections via Instagram, Facebook, and in-person networking - so much so that I wanted to bring others together for conversation, great food, and community. I love where these brunches are headed and am looking forward to hosting more.

Thank you to 5th & Taylor for allowing us to come, take photos, and enjoy ourselves in your beautiful restaurant. Thanks also to Tame the Beast for the products for our attendees. 

Check the pics below and drop a comment!
All photos taken by @krychm

Thanks to these fine gentlemen for heir attendance and their amazing energy. Be sure to give them a follow!

Collins Aki @unemployed_hercules
Greg Mitchell @greglmitchell
Sean Washington @klaesikstyle79
James Williams @jamesmwilliamsintl
Brendon Healy @brendon_healy
Jake Durm @jdurm @buckmountainsupplyco
Cody Elrod @jcodyelrod
Christopher Griffith @dappertilldeath
Derek Shields @elvis.phreshley
Emmanuel LeGrair @thebettermanual