Summer Patterns

I am a firm believe that if something jumps out at you on the rack, then you'll wear it. If not, don't pick it up. And when I saw this jacket, I had to have it. 

Most patterned jackets that I have are more subdued pattern than this one, but something about this leafy camouflage spoke to me. The print combined with the texture makes it come alive in an amazing way. I also love that it's linen and unlined - which make it perfect for summer wear. Though I will have to admit that I will likely wear it into the fall months; mostly because here in Nashville it's warm into October. And even after that, I will be happy to throw a layer or two underneath to extend its the shelf life. But don't worry, winter wear is pretty much out of the question.

I paired this jacket with some standards underneath and on bottom. Because the pattern is so loud, more subdued choices are better suited as pairs; here I wore it with a black crew neck t-shirt, white denim, and tobacco colored loafers.

Additionally in this look, I am touching on two areas that I get questions about "being able to pull off." In my humble opinion, neither these white pants or patterned blazer are too much. If one remembers to ground the looks with more understated pieces, then both can be worn almost flawlessly. For pairing with the white pants or denim; consider chambray, black, grey, powder blue, or even light pink tops. Most, if not all, most of these colors can be found in most wardrobes and will pair well with white. When wearing a patterned jacket, consider choosing a color in the jacket to capitalize on. In this jacket, there is a good deal of black - so that is what I chose. Other options could be any form of (pseudo) neutral; chambray, grey, or the like. 

Give it a shot and let me know what you think! Drop a comment below and let me know what you think about this look!