Summer Layers

Call it comfort, call it habit, call it whatever you’d like – I simply love layering. I love the creativity, the though process behind it, and the experimentation of it. I also really love the structure or polish that a jacket brings to almost any look; from denim jackets to blazers, they transition easily from daytime to evening and can be worn with mostly anything.

Layers can, indeed, be worn in the warmer months – and worn well. Sure, woven shirts are great as they aid in keeping one cool when the temperature raises, but if you’re anything like me, sometimes you want (and need) a bit more structure than what a t-shirt can provide. If I am honest, I struggle with a bit of body issues. A few bumps and lumps here and there make me a little self-conscious. Though this sometimes helps me make the decision to layer, this is not the only reason to do so.

If layering during the summer, start with these tips;

  1. Keep it Light: Pick lightweight breathable fabrics like linen, chino, or cotton. These fabrics breath and allow for free-flow or dry air where needed.
  2. Brighten it Up: Keep your colors light as they reflect heat and it will decrease the likelihood of over-heating. 
  3. Flexibility is Key: Layers are great, but sometimes the temperature is too high for multiple layers - be safe.

For this look, I paired cuffed denim, a summer sneaker, and a cotton button down with a chino blazer; simple color combinations and easy breathable fabrics. Don’t be afraid to try new combinations this season. What are your favorite warm season layering tricks and staples?