Shoe Review with Beckett Simonon

I am always looking for great products. Not only to expose others to them, but to find brands and their products that I can incorporate into my wardrobe and daily use. Along those lines, I have been wanting to purchase more locally and/or ethically manufactured goods. To that end, I recently got in touch with Beckett Simonon and really enjoyed what they were about once I learned about them. Though I am nowhere near a totally “ethically sourced” wardrobe, it is always nice to learn about and partner with brands that offer details and transparency about their products.

Becket Simonon is a leather shoes and goods company offering belts, bags, and more. Though their offerings my seem somewhat standard, their process is a bit different. Firstly, when shopping their products, you view their designs and pre-order the style that you like. Once at takes place, your shoes are individually made by experienced artisans in South America and Europe, then sent directly to you from the factory. Though this model make take a little more time, it saves you money and helps to ensure that you get a great product every time. This also promotes the idea of planning and forethought when it comes to your wardrobe choices. Many times, we gentlemen, shop out of panic and wait until the last minute to get what we need for an event. I love how this process creates the opportunity for us to slow down and put some thought into these choices - potentially decreasing the likelihood of prematurely discarding a particular or the “fast fashion” mentality.

When I shop for a more formal shoe, I opt for styles that are versatile with several different looks and several different styles. Shoes that I can wear with a suit, but also with denim if I so choose. For this partnership, I chose the Dean Oxford in tan calfskin leather. I loved the color and the classic style when I laid eyes on them. The clean lines and simple design work well with items that I already own. The color is eye-catching, the shape awesome, and I love a leather sole as well! And like any other leather shoe, they were a bit snug when I put them on initially, but as they break in and form to my foot, I will wear them more and more.

With this look, I decided to pair them with some more casual items. Eggplant corduroy pants from the J.Crew Paul Feig Collection, a denim chambray dress shirt, a black merino turtleneck from H&M, and one of my favorite jackets - a wool cashmere topcoat also from J.Crew.

Perhaps I will come back and do a post-review with you all when they have worn in some more. If you’d like that, let me know in the comments below! And drop a note with your thoughts on the shoes as well!

Photos courtesy of Christy Hunter