Out West; Part 1

Before this trip, I would be ashamed to tell you the last time I went on vacation. It had been so long that I could not pin down the exact year. I know - it's pretty shameful and neglectful. Needless to say, I more than made it up with this trip. When I realized that I had the opportunity to head west to visit a few friends, I jumped at the chance and I booked a trip to Salt Lake City, Utah and to Denver, Colorado. This trip held special significance because this would have been the farthest west that I have ever been.

I almost forgot how much I enjoy traveling and experiencing newness. It brings about so much energy and inspiration - and Denver offered NOTHING short of that. I could not get over the continuous mountain views and the rich culture there. (I did get a chance to go into the mountains as well - but more on that later.)

Today's update centers on Downtown Denver. The Denver Millennium Bridge and Union Station are sights that should not be missed if you're there. The bridge offered breathtaking views of Downtown Denver and Union Station is an amazingly designed and curated space in which to enjoy friends, food, events, and maybe a few pics.

AND, I got to wear some items that I would not dram of wearing in Nashville at the end of May; Indigo Donegal cardigan from J.Crew and Alden Captoe Cordovan Boots. The weather was perfect for it and I relished in it while I could. 

Check the photos of the look and some scenery. More to come soon!