Japanese Style with the Happi Coat

As I have grown in my style and my expression therein, one thing that I have truly enjoyed is getting to know local brands and small businesses. One in particular that I have appreciated and respected is Oil and Lumber. From the moment that I met Ethan - and his right hand man, Michael - I knew that they were solid and I could only hope then that I would get to know them better within the coming months. As fate would have it, we kept running into each other at events, I connected with them, learned more about their brand, and began to truly admire their work and creativity.

As their menswear offerings developed and as they released more, I knew that I wanted at least one of their pieces in my collection. One day, I saw the happi coat, tried it on, and fell in love immediately. Ethan went on to share with me that he was from Japanese descent and used to wear similar garments made by members of his family as a child. Also interesting to know is that they were originally intended for Japanese fisherman. The short arms were created on purpose as to not obstruct their range of motion when casting and retrieving nets from the waters. As time progressed and the wearing of the garment evolved, it became more and more associated with everyday layering pieces and even now as a part of current streetwear trends. When I heard all of this, it did nothing but seal the deal. I truly admire when creatives give and put forth items that speak to their heritage, culture, and heart.

I can say confidently that this happi coat is nothing short of one of my favorite pieces. I always love adding jackets to a look as I believe that they bring a sense of polish (and hide many imperfections). However, I will have to admit that the idea of wearing this was a little nerve wrecking as it was different that what one usually sees, but I really love it! If I could wear this everyday, I would. In fact, I may need another one for spring/summer because this one is made of Italian wool and Tennessee summers are no joke.

Take a look at the photos and share your thoughts! I am also wearing an H&M wool turtleneck (another fall and winter staple), black denim, a leather portfolio by Boutonné courtesy of Peter Nappi, and a pair of very comfortable New Balance Sneakers that I picked up from Rooted in Nashville.