Indochino Nashville Launch Party

As you know, I recently worked in partnership with Toronto-based custom suiting company, Indochino. And I will say, that every time I wear my suit, I get compliment after compliment (you all sure do know how to make a guy feel special). So when they contacted me again to serves as a host for their official showroom launch party in the Mall at Green Hills here in Nashville, I was more than happy to do so!

The night was filled with great conversation, new connections, and even some friends reconnecting - all of which I love. When guests arrived, they were greeted with beverages, food, live music, and a chance to win a free two-piece suit from Indochino. Was it you?

As always, the staff in the store was pleasant and willing to assist clients quickly and seamlessly. And as the night progressed, it was great to see the guys getting fitted for their garments. There are few greater feelings than when you know you look great in what you're wearing. The confidence shines through in everything that you do - and Indochino is a brand that can take you to that feeling. 

If you have not had a chance to check out Indochino, take a moment to see what they have to offer via their website, or visit their showroom in Green Hills Mall. If you need to hear about an experience with them, click HERE to read about mine. Don't worry - when I visited, it was my first custom suiting experience. Though it was not an intimidating experience for me, there are things that I wish that I had known going in and I think that you'll enjoy reading about them. If you go, tell them that Manny sent you! I can't ensure that that will get you a VIP treatment, but it will be a great ice breaker and conversation starter!

Thanks for reading and following! Enjoy the photos courtesy of Christy Hunter and drop a comment below!