The Commonwealth: Crafts and Conversations

One of my favorite things to do is to host The Commonwealth events. The menswear community of Nashville is growing by leaps and bounds and I love bringing attention to the makers and quality items produced within the city.

The venue and the sponsors were amazing and the guests were great, too. Thanks to the fine folks at Bearded Iris Brewing for supplying the drinks for the night. 3 types of locally brewed IPAs that everyone loved. They could not have better complements the space; Oil & Lumber was awesome and their space lent to so much creative energy and conversation. To be surrounded by sewing machines, drafting tables, and the clothing and furniture that they produce in-house was nothing short of inspirational. And to Hunker Bag Co., thank YOU for your generous gift. The leather coasters will go with and compliment most any gentleman's glass as he relaxes.  

Of note that night, was the opportunity to hear from Ethan Summers, Oil + Lumber Founder, about where and why O+L began, some of his inspiration, and what projects that they have completed to date. It was interesting to hear from him about how the brand evolved over time from motorcycle customization and furniture design and fabrication to menswear and being commissioned to create custom pieces by major organizations in the city of Nashville. It is always inspiring to see and hear from people who are taking the bull by the horns and making their vision work.

Check below for some of the photos and please take the time to check these companies out and we'll see YOU at the next gentleman's gathering.

Photos courtesy of Nick Brier and Everett Batten