Birthday Reflections: The Right People Make the Difference

I recently had a conversation with a friend about past weight loss. Both of us had lost a great deal some years ago and we began reminiscing about each of our experiences. We were both being a bit hard on ourselves because of a current lack of discipline. As we continued on in conversation, it eventually pivoted to not beating one's self up, remembering why you started, and all of the other "follow your heart" mantras that we are inundated with everyday.

She then said something to me that was very powerful. It took me by surprise as I wasn't aware it was so evident. She said "...I've observed that you really keep yourself surrounded by the right people.." Though this conversation occurred over 2 months ago, I keep thinking about that statement like it was yesterday. We always hear things like "your network is your net worth," but how many of us truly take it to heart?

As I close out my birthday weekend and reflect on how I celebrated, I am truly grateful to have spent it with some amazing people. Persons that I have come to know during my time here in Nashville. Persons that both inspire me and intimidate me. Persons that push me and simultaneously challenge my thinking. They are honest, smart, funny, and some of the hardest working and heartfelt people that I have met thus far. I didn't plan anything extravagant. I actually didn't plan anything at all. The only thing that I knew was that I wanted to spend some time with some amazing people - and that's exactly what I did. 

My friend was right. But I'd like to add an addendum to her words. We are gifted with limited hours each day, so I make it an intention of mine to spend my time with quality individuals. It's certainly not a haphazard occurrence. 

I eventually began to think about how exactly I do that. How I surround myself with solid people. If you follow me on Instagram stories (@ejlegrair), then you saw me post these two statements earlier this week. And if there were a methodology, I believe that it would start here:

1. Guard your heart and your mind.

  • This is where everything stems from; your passions, your dreams, desires, goals and drivers. And rather than these two working against each other [which we are often told that they do], bring them in unison and fiercely protect them against outside too much external influence. Manipulation, coercion, or making you act or think in ways that are contrary to your values system are all signs of a negative connection. If you guard these two like your life depends on it [and it kind of does], many people won't make it close enough to be of any consequence.

2. Trust your gut. 

  • Vibes, intuition, discernment, whatever you decide to call it, use it. Every time that I decided to push past what this is telling me, I am wrong. It's there for a reason, don't ignore it.

The quality of connections in your life can be a well-spring of joy and inspiration, or a constant source of frustration. Which end of the spectrum that you find yourself on is ultimately your choice. Of special note: this is a simplified and model of thought. But if you start here, I can almost guarantee that your be down the path to an amazing circle of influence in your life.

So to my Nashville family, thanks for making this birthday great. Thanks for listening to me ramble. Thanks for letting my listen to you ramble. Thanks for quality connections and mutual support. My prayer is that I provide the same level of enrichment that you have added to my time here. To my Nashville family that I did not get to see during my birthday weekend, your time is coming. :) To my family outside of Nashville, though this post is about Nashville, please know that I appreciate and love you VERY much.