Beckett Simonon: (An Excited) Round 2

I am sure that you all remember a previous article that I shared in partnership with Beckett Simonon. When I received that first pair, I was so happy with the look and feel of them that I jumped at the chance to test drive another pair for you!

This time, I was able to wear the Cohen Loafer. I am a fan of all types of shoes when it comes to menswear; sneakers, brogues, wingtips, slippers, and more. But I will say that many times I am leery of a slip in shoe because I have inconsistencies in my foot shape and fit. With lace ups, there is the aptitude for adjustment and more give. But with slip ins, I always feel that what you get is what you get to some extent. Or at least you’re stuck with an extra-long break in period.


The shoes were delivered to me and I immediately opened the box and fell in love with the rich color and sleek line of the shoe - I could not wait to wear them! When I put them on, I was pleasantly surprised. They fit right on with no problems and felt very soft and comfortable as well. Safe to say that I am sold on this brand, ladies and gentlemen. Not only have I had great experiences with the shoes, but again, they are a company that makes shoes to order - and therefore reduces waste, passes on savings to the consumer, and ensures responsible working conditions (see more details in my previous post with Beckett Simonon).

I won’t bore you with too much detail, but below I will share some of my favorite aspects of the brand and this particular product.

Some of my favorite brand features:

  • Handmade one at a time

  • Blake construction

  • Suede heel patch to prevent slipping and chafing

  • Resoleable leather sole

  • Extra durable leather heel stacks

  • Rubber heel caps

Some product features of the Cohen Loafer

  • Made from one piece of leather

  • Vachetta leather lining

  • Thinner saddle than conventional loafers


I will also share some personal thoughts on made to measure clothing and shoes. Whether it’s believable or not, I am just getting into the world of made to measure items. I have always admired and wanted to have some pieces, but I never took the leap. This platform has given me the opportunity to do so in via partnerships and on my own - and I could not be happier that I get to do that. There are some plusses and some minuses, however. On the positive side, you’ll have products made especially for you, you’ll generally know where your products come from and how they’re made, you’re investing in quality items that you will have for many years (if properly cared for). On the down side, the wait is longer for your item - and if that’s the down side, then the good outweighs the bad here to a great extent.

In all, if you’re thinking about jumping into the made to order or made to measure game, then you should take the leap and Beckett Simonon is a great place to start. Now to wear these more so they start to mold to my foot event more! : )

For this particular look, I styled the loafer with a high-low look as I like to call it. The loafers are the “high” piece (clearly.. haha) and everything else is “low.” Chinos and denim chore coat from J.Crew and t-shirt from Oil and Lumber. With a statement shoe like this, I opted for more simple pieces to ground the look. I loved the moto print on the t-shirt as it offered a bit of edge to the look as well.

Any thoughts on how you’d style these shoes? Comment and share below!

Photos courtesy of Christy Hunter
Thanks to The Vandyke for the amazing shooting location