Old Man Winter Style

It seems as though that Spring is coming on much quicker than ever this year. But because it's still technically winter (and February when I shot for this post), I'll share anyway! Also, I think that this is the first full suit that I have posted on TBM – and I love this one indeed! Yes it patterned wool, but contrary to what I hear often, it’s not too much. In fact, glen plaid is a classic look that can be pulled off (easier than you think) with a few things in mind.

And as the title states, this suit may strike some as an "older people look." However, I beg to differ. Plaids, such as this glen plaid, are a great way to add texture, visual interest, and personal flair without risking some crazy looks from others. Below, I share a few of my tips for executing a look like this. These tips should work for ALL ages, too!

  • Balance is Key: When wearing a patterned suit such as this – it may be a bold move for many. To balance that, keep shirts, ties, and accessories simple. Too many of the wrong patterns could be distracting to the eye in many cases. However, if you’re feeling adventurous, a striped dress shirt and a subtly patterned tie will definitely work as well.
  • Don't Make it Hard for Yourself: One may have trouble matching colors with this suit. This particular suit is black with white with blue detailing - which can appear grey from a distance. If confused, you can always pick up on the colors in the pattern. I paired it with a solid navy turtleneck as well as a navy pocket square with white detailing around the edges. Typically I don't match pocket squares with my shirt, but it worked in this instance. Rules are meant to be broken right?
  • Divide and Conquer: Separating suits is great way to pad your wardrobe with more looks and to even extend the life of certain pieces just beyond their intended season - and this pattern looks great when separated as well! Break it up – wear the trousers with a nice shirt, perhaps a sweater (turtleneck), or maybe a denim jacket. The jacket of the suit would pair well with nice jeans or another pair of slacks that are darker than the "unintended" base color of grey.
  • Be confident: Again, this may be a bold move – but we are about the power moves around here! You’ve got this!

On another note: I love turtlenecks and they have never gone out of style! And if you can't tell, I had a great time shooting this shoot - so you get a picture overload on this post. Enjoy!

Take a look and leave a comment or question below!


Suit - JCrew
Turtleneck - JCrew
Pocketsquare - Brooks Brothers
Shoes - Hugo Boss