Merry Gifts with Opry Mills

I am so excited to bring you all this post! I have partnered with the great folks at Opry Mills to bring you a gift guide for your Holiday shopping. My family and friends know that I refer to myself as a professional gift giver so when I was given this opportunity, I jumped at the chance!

No matter who is on your list, Opry Mills has something there for you that will make your gift giving easy. I'll take you through four categories of people to shop for, share my picks for each (all found at Opry Mills), and give you info on where to find it. And don't worry if you're not in Nashville - the professional gift giver is here to save the day! These gifts can easily translate to where you wherever you are as well!

Let's get to it!

Merry Gifts for My Love
How can you put a price tag on our love? You want to get something that aptly explains how you feel, but also something that they don’t already have, but you also want to wow them, right!? That's a lot to accomplish in a few boxes and bags, but if you're reading this and there's a special lady in your life, here are a few items that I’m sure she’ll love - that will make you look like a super hero.

This purse from Cole Haan is a great size and the perfect pop of color to accent her look - $340.
And this wallet comes in a few colors - you can match the bag or you can get adventurous and create a bit of contrast or visual appeal for $120 - also from Cole Haan.

I love layers and I feel like wool coats make anyone who wears them feel like a million bucks - and what women doesn't want to feel special?
At J.Crew Factory, you can find both of these coats - the classic Tweed Topcoat for $258  but currently marked down to $103*
or the green Topcoat for $228 marked down to $138.60*. Such steals for opulence.
And because every woman needs a little drama in her look at times, I spotted this scarf that doubles as a wrap
for those brisk nights where the temperature does not drop too low - originally $49.50 but marked down to $19.95* - also at J.Crew Factory

*sale prices subject to change*

Merry Gifts for BFFs
No matter how long you have known them, these are the people that get you through - I call them "my boys!" Whatever you get them, it has got to be good. I love to get my close friends things that they can actually use, so I pay attention to conversations, needs, and how they live their life. I am usually spot on so I am elated to share some picks with you for this category.

I love comfort and versatility - so I want to gift the same to my friends. I came across this black hoodie and sweat pants that fit the bill perfectly.
Everyone wears these items in the traditional way, but I think that they can look great if they're dressed up a bit as well.
Both are found at the Nike Outlet and both are $34.99.

Three things that I cannot live without - white sneakers, a great bag, and a set of nice ties.
I have been wearing canvas sneakers since high school so I know of the versatility.
These Converse hightops literally go with everything so your friends will get major use out of them - usually $75.00 but available for $59.99.
This house brand leather briefcase, marked down from $589 to $189.99, and this Brioni necktie, usually $239, but available for $99.99,
are both found at Off Saks Fifth Ave. Both great pieces to add to that adulting wardrobe or simply just because. 

Merry Gifts for My Crew
When I think of my “Crew” I think of people that I spend my workday with. We hold each other together, so I have to hold them down for the Holidays. Here are some solid picks for your crew for that gift exchange of just because you want them to know how much they mean.   

The first four gifts in this section make life easier at work for the recipient. Sometimes when we can't get away, we need to create a space where
we can take a small mental break and relax and all of these are perfect for that. An oil diffuser for $39.99, a monogrammed mug for $5.99,
a Yankee Candle Company candle for $21.99 or two for $29.99* (maybe one for yourself) and a great team pillow for $14.99 (ANCHOR DOWN).
The last gift, is for that escape when they get home - and maybe if they host a party that you're invited too!
I spotted these cool ice molds for $19.99. And ALL of these gifts and more can be found at Bed Bath and Beyond.

*sale prices are subject to change*

Merry Gifts for All
If the rest of your list does not fit into these categories, here are a few more picks that are sure to make you a huge hit. Brothers, sisters, neighbors, aunts, uncles, associates, and more! Get to Opry Mills to find everything that you need!

Everyone needs a new hat, scarf, and gloves. But the way the temperatures have been dropping lately, you have to make sure that they are quality -
and I know that Cole Haan provides just that. These three items are are in-store for $40, $80, and $110 respectively.
A practical gift for most any shoe lover are shoe trees, also from Cole Haan for $28.
And last but not least, the denim jacket cannot be beat for any person with almost any body type.
I found this one at Levi's for $69.99. And nothing is more versatile than the white oxford. This one from the Tommy Hilfiger Outlet is perfect as a layering piece or on it's own. Button-down collar and crisp clean lines bring a bit of refinement to whatever you wear with it - and only $64.99.
Now see if you can spot where I wore this oxford elsewhere in this guide? ;) 

That's it friends! I'd love to know what you think and if this was helpful! Leave a comment below and let's chat!

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