Take the Easy Road

Take the Easy Road

Have you ever had a conversation that was supposed to go in one direction and it ends up in some place else? Yeah… Neither have I…

But – I recently had a small dialogue with a blogger and entrepreneur that I greatly admire. I asked to talk to him so that I could learn from him, connect with him, and seek his guidance on some things that I am working on. We talked for a bit; he answered my questions, told me about himself, and even asked about me and my story. In all, I enjoyed the conversation and was extremely grateful for the time spent and for the connection.

This act or happening was simple, in theory, but where it took a turn was when he shared his story. The kicker is that he did not share any insight that I had not heard before, but the message was right on time for where my mindset and goals had drifted. What I heard him say was "Authenticity is KEY" – remembering why you do what you do, what drives you, and whom you're doing it for; though he never stated this phrase or any of these words.

I have spent a great deal of time at home in Ohio this summer; sometimes for bad circumstances, some good. I can always say that I appreciate the love that I receive and the reminders of why I do what I do and who I am at the core. It’s easy to get sidetracked via comparison, pride, seeking relevance, accolades, or a plethora of other factors. But if I were to share my "major keys" here, I would say this in summation. Whether starting a new venture, continuing on a path, or re-routing, I submit these to help one stay grounded and sane;

  1. Get back to your why – your pure why. What motivates you, what can't you stop thinking about, what gets you out of bed in the morning? Keep that at the forefront of your mind and let your actions take root in that.
  2. Remember who you are. We all have a story – gather yours and tell it via your actions. We go through things to help others who experience the same. Your story is important. 
  3. Be Authentic – It's easier than a facade. Stay true to your story and your why. I can't say hardships won't come, but that burden is much easier than someone else's that you aren't equipped to handle.

Finding your way has its own hardships; don't make things more complicated than they need to be.

 Be easy - and #BeBetter, friends.