Live on Purpose

Live on Purpose

As humans, and especially guys, we are by nature visual beings. We act and react based on what our eyes see and what our minds interpret. We also attach value or importance to what we see – and not just monetary value, true personal significance. If you care to take it a step further, as Americans, we oftentimes esteem value with more; bigger, fancier, and flashier. Now… I can easily turn this into a sermon about gratefulness and humility, but that’s not where I am headed. We’re here to discuss the topic of intentionality.

More is easy to get and easy to produce. More is readily available to the masses – it’s pushed in our faces daily. It is said that the average American encounters roughly 5,000 ads per day, all with the purpose to get us to amass … MORE. Similarly, it takes little to no thought to be flashy or “seen.” In fact, we have all fallen into this trap at some point.

But I don't believe that more is the key to success (however you define it). I want to submit that the path to whatever you’re in search of; more social media followers, being noticed by someone special, telling your story, or connecting with others isn’t in “more” – it’s in intentionality.

I would loosely define this as doing whatever you do on purpose, via focused and committed action. I encourage you to take a little time to think, plan, and reason with what will bring you residual value.

Whether you’re styling yourself, starting a business or that second Instagram page, here are a few tips that have helped me to be intentional.

  • Take Time to Understand your attitude, temperament, feelings, thoughts and actions. What types of environments you thrive or die in, your conscious and subconscious reactions as well. In other words, find you(r voice). 
  • Take Responsibility for your actions. When you are honest with yourself, there will be things that you are happy with and things that you wish could have taken place in a different way. And that's fine. Own it, take responsibility, and work to adapt or change if necessary. Believe it or not, you’re in full control of your person. It’s time to act like it.
  • Experiment. Most new things don't come easy – especially things that are worth doing. Don't expect perfection.
  • Prepare whenever possible. #MajorKeyAlert. Never walk into any situation unprepared. If you do, you will likely regress back to comfort or regret an off the cuff decision.   

In the long run, what type of attention do you want? Flashy attention, or do you want right circle to hear, see, and be engaged in what you’re offering? Take a moment to think about your life and actions. Are you intentional in all that you do? Your relationships, hobbies, networking, self-care, down-time, eating?

Be Intentional. #BeBetter