Don't Be Afraid of Color: Go Bold

Don't Be Afraid of Color: Go Bold

Temperatures are beginning to subside this time of year (though not so much in Nashville) which only means that fall is rapidly approaching. Again, This does not mean that we need to shy away from color – yes, even white. [No that rule is not a style mandate.]

That being said, Tip Number 2; too much of a good thing can be a weakness. So don't overdose on the color. When bold colors are worn too often, believe me, people notice. In essence, colors such as these can be considered statement pieces and one should space out the wear of them. If not, one risks looking like a one trick pony.

This post’s look is summer in nature, but still follows Tip Number 1. Bold on the bottom but neutral on top. White and navy (even in pattern form) are both great colors that pair well with most anything.

One thing that I have learned about my journey in life is the power of self-assertion – but it’s about finding the right balance. Too much and you’re pushy. Too little and you run the risk of going (or remaining) unheard and unnoticed. Though both never technically never killed anyone, neither are stigmas that one wants attached to their personal brand. I have lived most of my life in the “trying to be not pushy” category and though I have made great strides towards my goals, I often wonder what could be different had I asserted myself more, or earlier. 

So how does this relate to trousers? In style (and in life), finding the right mix of when to act and when to hold steady is a major key. [Is that term still a thing?] But the only way you'll find it is through experience on both ends. More or less, trial and error. It may not be fun while in the thick of it, but it's so very worth it. 

To you, I submit these things,
Take the reigns and be bold.
Experiment and find the right balance.

Look details below:
Pants - JCrew
Top - H&M
Sneakers - Converse