Don't Be Afraid of Color: Walking Into Fall

Don't Be Afraid of Color: Walking Into Fall

I am not sure about you, but I am ready for pumpkin spice season (as I heard someone say today). I am not a fan of the drink, but I am a fan of the season and the beginning stages of renewal that takes place. Brisk mornings, cool breezes, and much more outdoor activities (for me at least).

However, this is the final installment of “Don’t Be Afraid Of Color,” or a few tips on how to add color into your wardrobe. As fall approaches, I have always heard from others guys that during these months, they begrudgingly pull out the navy, grey, tan, brown, black, burgundy, and other colors of the like, exclusively. Not so. Embrace the idea of wearing (sometimes bright) colors in the cooler months. Growing up in Ohio, there wasn't much opportunity to rock the summer items because of lengthy cold weather, so stretching their use was always a challenge that I was willing to accept.

When you do pull out those rich, deep colors, the fall accessories, and jackets to pair with some of your more colorful pieces, that will bring autumn to your wardrobe choices. Dress or casual boots like those captured here are a great way to do that as well. Tweed blazers, quilted jackets, knit or woolen ties; all of these can add texture to your look - a quick way to bring your look into the current season.

The orange (or shall I say pumpkin) slacks that I have on are paired with a denim chambray shirt. I love the idea and the look of denim and denim chambray shirts. This piece of clothing is incredibly versatile and can be paired with casual as well as dressy looks for a breadth of uses.

Though this particular top is lightweight, it can be worn as a transition piece in between temperature spikes and lows. And because it’s denim, you don't have to worry about what colors it looks good with for the most part. In other words, you’ve got an automatic and easy win.

In recap, here are all of the tips that I have given for adding color into your wardrobe via trousers - including today's tip.

  • Tip 1: Try pairing the colored pant with a (semi) neutral - creme, white, navy, or grey. This grounds the look and keeps one from looking "showboaty." 
  • Tip 2: Balance is Key. If you wear them too often, it's noticeable. Be bold and experiment, but find your balance.
  • Tip 3: Color is not just for spring and summer. There are many ways autumn your pants for extended wear. Boots, quality denim, and rich color combos are a few ways to accomplish this.

Don't forget, guys. Rules are meant to be broken. Have fun!
Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!