Don't Be Afraid of Color

Don't Be Afraid of Color

In the menswear world that is largely dominated by blues, greys, browns or khakis, and black, things have the potential get a little mundane. It is often heard that adding color is only for the bold, crazy, fratty, preppy, or any other stereotype that one can conjure up. Fortunately, there seems to be a trend in menswear that says color is OK. Some of us never waited on permission in the first place. For others of us, the possibilities are exciting while yet others of us are utterly frightened.

I bet you can guess which team I am on. Yes, I love to throw a little (or a lot of) color into the palate. And for those of you who are frightened, it’s not as hard as it seems. You have probably just seen some interesting looks in the past and don't want to make a wrong move. Though there are some unsavory ways to go about this, rest easy in the fact that experimentation is half of the fun. How else will you get to know what you enjoy and what looks best for you?

But fret not. Submitted for your approval is one way color can be easily worked into most any man’s wardrobe: pants - or trousers, britches, slacks – [insert your favorite term here].

When wearing a color on the bottom, no matter the color, it can be intimidating trying to find items to match it. One way to get past this is a neutral top; white, black, grey, or even navy, as neutrals will compliment most any color worn. There is no need to try to match the entire look in one color. Breaking up the color (color blocking) adds personality and depth. The way you style your looks says so much about who you are to the world – don’t waste the opportunity to have fun and stretch yourself!

Look Details Below:
Linen Pants and Band Collar Shirt - J. Crew
Loafers - Wall & Water x Gilt
Portfolio - Frank Clegg Leatherworks
Special Note: This post will be broken up into 3 parts with three different tips. With this knowledge, you should be able to walk into fall with some new wardrobe options.