#TameTheBeast: Beard Oil Review

#TameTheBeast: Beard Oil Review

As many you know, I have been growing out my hair - AND BEARD - for an entire calendar year. Though I have enjoyed the process and what it has brought me (more on that later), I cannot say that it has been without its ups and downs. I have read, sought help and advice, read, and read some more about proper care for both masses of hair mentioned. So much so that I felt have tried product after product, and even felt  confident enough to experiment with homemade goods - with mixed results unfortunately.

As the year comes to a close and I begin to reevaluate whether or not I'll continue growing, I am always seeking to find a better product for personal use. So this collaboration could not have come at a better time! Let's talk about the Tame the Beast Beard and Oil Conditioner.

From what I have read, the beard is like any other (readily visible and aesthetic) hair on your body. If you want it to grow, conditioned and moisturized follicles, skin, and shaft is crucial. And a great way to kill all of those birds with one stone is with a formulated conditioning product, such as an oil.

When I received and tested the oil, I was pleased for a several reasons;

  1. Tame the Beast is a local company based in Nashville, TN with products made in the USA; I always enjoy supporting local and domestic businesses.

  2. The product is 100% Organic; Not only is it important to feed you body great things, but applying chemicals topically could be just as bad as times.

  3. It's Fragrance Free; I have sensitive skin and I don't want to smell like a forest. I loved how the only smells that were present were the natural scents produced by the organic oils.

    • A word of caution: If you're not used to the smell of organic and natural oils, these aromas can come off strong. However, after a few days, it becomes more normal you'll be acclimated to it.

  4. It's Lightweight; I hate using heavy products that weigh the skin down or over saturate. This went on smooth and was easy to apply.

  5. It has other uses as well; it's also great for hair, hands, nails and (non-facial) skin. Multiple uses is always a plus and added value!

  6. There are 2 ingredients (that I can pronouce); I tend to believe that 'Less is More,' especially when it comes to your body. Both Jojoba and Argan oils contain great properties that will aid in the strengthening, conditioning, growth, and retention on your beard. Some of the specific benefits include;

    • Jojoba Oil - conditions and softens facial skin, it's non-comedogenic and non-allergenic, strengthens the hair shaft as well as cleans the follicle

    • Argan Oil - reduces inflammation, fights dry skin and dandruff, tames fly-aways, helps repair damaged hair

In all, I have enjoyed this product and would recommend it to anyone seeking to step up their beard game or join the coveted #BeardGang. If you're anything like me, the hair on your face grows in a crazy pattern and sometimes multiple textures. I needed a product that would help me #TameTheBeast growing out of my face. No one wants and unruly and brittle beard.  

If you're looking to step your beard game up, looking for a better product, or simply join the #BeardGang, then I recommend this product. Check them out! Proper beard growth and health is most certainly not an overnight process, but this oil will help you get on the right track for sure.

(*hint hint* And it's a great stocking stuffer!)

Beard and Oil Conditioner - $18 from Tame the Beast