Nashville Menswear Blogger Brunch

Nashville Menswear Blogger Brunch

I recently had the extreme pleasure of hosting a brunch for Nashville Menswear Bloggers in the new Marsh House Restaurant. One thing that I have grown to love and partially why I created this blog, is connecting with diverse people, hearing their stories, and forming meaningful relationships. I really wanted to make this event happen to not only do those things, but to also promote the menswear community in Nashville, and to bring together guys of similar interest for connection and collaboration. I strongly believe that we operate best when we are in some form of community.

In this, I could not have asked for better brothers to connect with, a better atmosphere, and better food! I am thankful to the Marsh House staff for their amazing service. Not to mention, they have a knock out space! I also received a tour of the Thompson Hotel and it does not disappoint! Aesthetics everywhere! 

Thanks to Mitchel Moss of @menswearmusings and Jake Durm of @buckmountainsupplyco for the great conversation. I love being around others that I can learn from and these guys didn't disappoint. In addition to that, not only was I able to leave them with a personalized accessory, but we got notebooks from Buck Mountain Supply Co as well! And since I am always writing, this will come in handy for sure. 

A few things that I am sure of; 1) this WILL happen again, and 2) you WILL see more of us soon! Take a look at the pics by @krychm and leave a comment!