#GiveLove this Holiday Season

#GiveLove this Holiday Season

One of my favorite things about the Holiday Season is giving. My friends and family know that I love to put thought and effort into my gift giving. The end results is always happy recipients and a happy me when I see their excitement. In that, I had the awesome opportunity to collaborate with Opry Mills Mall this Holiday Season - in today's post I will share my tips on how to #GiveLove.

On my shopping excursion at Opry Mills, I made several stops but will highlight three standouts that could help you out this Holiday Season. When shopping for adults, I think that gifts that have multiple uses as well as longevity of use are great - and the Coach store offers just that. They carry both women's and men's items but this store would be a great stop for guys. Every guy needs accessories to complete that look - details being everything together. Though I couldn't resist I try-on for myself, you'll easily find items that most any guy will love. 

Guys, shopping for that special lady does not have to be a daunting experience. I promise that is you take just a little extra time to be intentional, you'll feel amazing about yourself and the women in your life will sing your praises for months to come. What does she need, like, and want? There are very few things that say love more than intentionality in gift giving. I have purchased Kate Spade gifts several times and they are always a hit. And don't worry, if you're still overwhelmed, the staff is more than willing to assist. A great brand, great quality, and timeless style.

When spreading or giving love, I think that a great place to start is nostalgia. I'm not usually in toy stores, but when I entered the Build-A-Bear store, I spotted this Tails doll from Sonic the Hedgehog and I was transported back to my childhood. Customizations, uniting generations, and creating new memories are all great things to think about when gift giving this season.

You still have a few days left to get out there and #GiveLove to everyone on your list. If you'd like, share your tips below in the comments! Join Opry Mills on Facebook - Opry Mills, Instagram - @shOpryMills, and Twitter - @shOpryMills.