The Journey to Better

The Journey to Better

One lesson that I have taken to heart as I mature is “Choose Your Words Wisely.” I am a naturally reflective and introspective person, but I have found myself spending a significant amount of time thinking about past conversations and how to best verbalize my thoughts and feelings. In this effort, one word in particular has garnered special significance in my life – and as you survey this website, you will see it used quite often; the word Better. I believe that that word encapsulates so much.

Let’s think about it this way; If we were sitting in a room and were asked to reach our hands as high as we could above our heads, we would oblige. But it more than likely would not be as high as it could be. If asked to reach higher, our hands would inch a bit closer towards the ceiling. In fact, this could probably continue for a few more rounds.

But why? If we agreed to do it, why not do what we said?

I think that the answer is staring us in the face. Throughout our life, we are told that we need to do our best. When we recall our childhood, this instruction is vivid in the annals of our memory. This sounds great but I think that we could do better (you see what I did there?). I simply believe that there is a distinct difference between doing our best and doing BETTER.

Best is a singular concept. There is a sense of finality, it’s a concrete thought. Better, on the other hand, is abstract in nature and signifies a perpetual state of improvement or advancement. As life and circumstances around us change, it is imperative that we remain flexible and know that our work cannot stop at our best. If we truly want to progress, we cannot afford to be stagnant – there is ALWAYS room for improvement.

Again, the theme of this environment is Better. That word holds vast significance. So much so that I am choosing to base my actions off of it. Perhaps it will become a movement, but if it never does, I will speak to it whenever I can.

So… Be, Not Your Best, #BeBetter!

(And yes that is me in the photo!)