Season of Transition

Season of Transition

My pastor has dubbed this "The Year of Transition" at our church. What's funny is that is also my home church's (in Ohio) theme as well. Needless to say, it resonates with me and my current life situation. I am most definitely transitioning into my next phase of life and I could not be more excited (and simultaneously apprehensive) about it.

Growing up in Ohio, one has to become the master of transitional or multi-seasonal clothing. And being in Nashville, one would think that that would be different, but not so! The past few months have been filled with very warm days and cool nights. It can be a bit confusing in terms of wardrobe selections but here are some of my favorite pieces to combat that confusion.

If necessary, spring and summer call for easy breathable layers.

  • A basic button down is always good for a put together look but can be pulled casually as well. 
  • A lightweight chino or trouser - but don't be bound to khaki! Experiment with colors. This army green pair can be paired with a multitude of colors.
  • And I opted for a comfy sneaker to complete this look. I wear this combo often when out during the day and even into the night many times. And as you can see, I like to add a pop of color there to give personality. 

And for those cool nights, throw on a good denim jacket. I wholeheartedly believe that every guy should own one of these - they're versatile and can bring a bit of polish or thought to almost any look (more on that later).

The locale of this shoot couldn't be more perfect either. The pedestrian bridge in Downtown Nashville - a connection or link from one place to the next. Here's to a smooth transition or walk to our next chapter in life.