I am a creative and an educator at heart.

Helping individuals and organizations cultivate their potential and capitalize on their strengths is my passion. I am a passionate individual as well, though the discovery of those passions was not your typical route. This journey began to take shape following college at the University of Akron (GO ZIPS!). Shortly after graduating with a B.S. in International Business, I became an educator by vocation and an advisor, coach, counselor, mentor, and speaker by avocation.

In 2013 I achieved great personal victory when I dramatically changed my life and health for the better by losing 130 pounds, which resulted in a complete mental and physical transformation. This triumph further stimulated my passion for encouraging and witnessing personal growth in others.

Shortly after this achievement, I was inspired to make a larger change.  I decided to develop my skills with more purpose and intentionality. I matriculated into the nation’s number one School of Education (US News and World Report - 2013), Vanderbilt University’s Peabody School of Education and Human Development to pursue my Masters in Education in Leadership and Organizational Performance. There, I strengthened my knowledge and learned to develop the organization holistically, which in turn, meant the individual person.

I find my muse in creativity of all forms; the beauty of nature to self-expression through music and fashion. I also find great inspiration when I can witness or be a part of the personal successes of family, friends, and others that I may not be acquainted with. When people work hard to operate, live, and thrive in their passion, it encourages me to do the same. I am energized by partnering with growing and changing people and organizations – others seeking to make significant change for the better.

I believe that Personal Development is so much more than a résumé and career advancement, but instead should be an all-inclusive process. Development in its most effectual state must be a continual and purposeful progression. Though this evolution will vary amongst individuals, it should consist of, but not be limited to; discovering one’s passion, the relentless acquisition of direct and indirect knowledge, personal introspection - the ability to take a clear and honest look at one's self - personal appearance and presence, and a physical/internal state of balance. 

Additionally, music has always been and will be an extremely important part of my life.  It is one of the aspects of my childhood that I will always vividly remember; it was always there.

Largely due to the fact that my father was a pastor and minister, I began singing in church at the age of three. I eventually progressed to playing the piano, cello, flute, saxophone (all of which I wish I still played), and continuing in my voice studies. I continued to sing in my local church and with my brothers where we were in partnership with orchestras, and released our own projects. One of my most favorite and most transformative opportunities to date was the role of ‘Sportin’ Life’ in Akron Symphony’s production of Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess, one of the symphony’s best-selling shows to date. From there I received additional roles and am now a background vocalist in Nashville with plans to release a project of my own soon. 

Again, thanks for visiting! Please feel free to explore at your leisure! I love to connect with others, so drop me a line as well - perhaps my experiences, projects, interests, and skills could help serve you or your organization.